Student Testimonials

“It was Med-COR’s summer work/study program that gave the opportunity for a young kid like me to work alongside real scientists in real research laboratories. Instead of going into Medicine, I’ve made a career in biomedical research. I am a scientist today because Med-COR gave me the start.”Louis Pentilde;a, Ph.D.

USC Med-COR has made me a competent person to enter college. If I ever had any doubts about anything I knew that I would find my answer here.” — Leticia Salas

Because of Med-COR, I have the strong foundation to pursue my goals in life. It began shaping me since I was in eighth grade, and continued to mold me up until now. As this senior year of Med-COR closes, I can take many wonderful and helpful experiences with me as I further my education. I hope that all the underclassmen take advantage of the help that this program offers to them each and every year. It is never too late to start building the foundation for the rest of their lives”.Steven Montes

Med-COR created opportunities for me to meet new and interesting people; and these people have become my Med-COR family. It has helped me focus more scholastically, in school and have opened doors to future possibilities in my life…Med-COR has helped me hone in on my passion for science and love for helping people.” — Brian Brown

Med-COR changed my life completely, it made me think about my future and it made me want to work harder in school. Med-COR helped open my eyes to make smarter choices in life….Although I had no clue what I had to do to prepare myself for college, I now know what is expected, and I started doing better in school, by bringing up my grades, and actually paying attention. If it weren’t for Med-COR I don’t know where I would end up or what I would be doing the rest of my life. But now, I am a stronger student who is striving for a future goal.”.Linda Ly

“USC Med-COR provided experiences that strengthened my academic foundation, and made me an even stronger applicant for college. Med-COR is a family. Even after you graduate, the staff is always available to you.” — DeShawn Harris, M.D.

Med-COR has given me the support, opportunities and resources to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. I joined the program in 10th grade, when I had no clear path of my future. I am currently a UCLA medical student, and I could not have done this without my Med-COR family behind me.” — Lisa Ly

“Coming from an immigrant background and growing up poor in South Central Los Angeles, but with aspirations of becoming a success in life, Med-COR became my second family. It guided me through the academic and professional world in a way my parents couldn’t. I know I owe my collegiate and medical school education to the foundation Med-COR instilled in me.” — Jose Avalos

“I am a former Med-cor graduate. I graduated from this program in 2000. I just wanted to let you guys know that I went to UCLA that same year (2000) and I graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Chicana/o studies in 2004. I was fortunate to find a full time job the day after I graduated. I applied for and was offered a position at UCLA’s IRB office, where I previously worked when I was a student, right before I became full-time staff. I am now looking into going to the school of Nursing, but I am still thinking about it. In the meantime, I am taking science courses at Santa Monica College and working at the IRB. I just wanted to inform you that your program had a significant impact on my life and the facilitators I had were awesome. I think it is safe to say that some of my achievements can be attributed to my experiences in the Med-cor program.” — Diana Garcia