Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once I’m admitted into the Med-COR Program, how long am I in it?
A: Med-COR’s student commitment generally runs 4 years, beginning in the 9th grade all the way up to your senior year in high school. But, you have up until the 10th grade to apply. Even after graduation however, you are still a member of the Med-COR family. You can even become a part of the Med-COR staff!

Q: How often does Med-COR meet?
A: Med-COR students meet two Saturdays per month beginning in the Fall and ending int he Spring.  Students attend 9:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Med-COR is like a few hours of school on a Saturday!! And just like school, there are holidays where Med-COR is not in session as well.

Q: Okay, I know when Med-COR meets, but where is it held?
A: Med-COR is held on USC’s main campus, in both the Grace Ford Salvatory Hall and Seely G. Mudd buildings. Both buildings are adjacent to the USC’s Cromwell field and can be accessed from the Jefferson & McClintock entrance.

Q.What does Med-COR stand for?
A: Med-COR stands for Medical Counseling Organizing and Recruiting.