Med-COR Overview

Celebrating 50 Years of Med-COR!

Our Mission

The Medical Counseling, Organizing, and Recruiting program (Med-COR) seeks to increase the pool of high school students of color committed to the pursuit of health professional careers. The program aims to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds and prepare them academically to be competitive for admission to colleges and universities nationwide. Through education and co-curricular experiences, Med-COR encourages and motivates students to commit themselves to careers in health.

Goals and Objectives

Med-COR is organized around five objectives:

  1. To improve the academics and study skills of students of color and students from disadvantaged backgrounds so that they will be competitive for admission to top-ranked colleges and universities.
  2. To provide students with mentors and role models who will motivate them towards academic excellence. Primary mentors are students of color in college who serve as facilitators (tutors). Secondary mentors are medical students at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
  3. To expose high school students to various healthcare professions and inform them about the prerequisites for entry into these health careers.
  4. To enhance student self-esteem through group identification and group interaction.
  5. To educate students about the healthcare needs and problems of communities of color through group discussions and dialogue with health professionals.


The USC Med-COR program is funded by the USC Good Neighbors Campaign and the Keck School of Medicine of USC.